Transforming L&D and workplace impact

Develop Purpose-driven Employees.
Increase motivation and engagement.

Entreprelearners is L&D solution for enterprises where employees get challenged to take action and improve their true skills

With Entreprelearners, we assist you in developing your talent by identifying the true skills of every employee, designing a Personal Growth Roadmap for every employee, and creating challenges tailored to their top skills

Make an impact on every single person in the company. Not just few!

If you got a team of 500+ employees and you want to identify skills each employee needs to work on without wasting your time and money


How it works

Identify the TRUE SKILLS employees need to work on

True Skills empower employees to thrive in their workplace. Just imagine the possibilities if HR and L&D teams knew their workforce's true Boost Skills.


Design Personal Growth Roadmap with inspiring Purpose

Entreprelearners gives every employee a clear sense of fulfillment with a clear roadmap to boost their potential. Both employees and the company can navigate the journey to success together.


Create & take on Challenges tailored to the top skills

Our development approach, based on challenges, fuels both engagement and learning among employees.

Employees thrive with learning that is practical and interactive, as opposed to being purely online.


Become a Purpose-driven company

Purpose-driven companies recruit, hire, onboard and develop purpose-driven employees

Employees are fully engaged in learning, growing, creating, and sharing, driven by a clear purpose. This synergy fuels their motivation and unlocks their collective potential, benefiting both the individuals and the company as a whole

Our mission

To help organisations become purpose-driven with 100% purpose-driven employees

The power of growing together
with purpose

Get personalized resources that boost
teams’ skills

Gain exclusive access to fully personalized resources designed to enhance your skill development

Grow using:
Challenge-Based Employee Development (CBED)

A new transformative journey of skill development. Experience the power of challenges and take growth to new heights

Get feedback from colleagues & friends

Motivation from the progress of colleagues.

Create and send challenges or resources to your team members.

Where employees
learn and grow with

Develop Purpose-driven Employees.
Increase motivation and engagement.
Have an impact.

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